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Some steps to be taken for recover infected wordpress website

Scan your website.

When scanning your website you have a few different ways to do this, you can use external remote scanners or application level scanners. Each are designed to look and report on different things. No one solution is the best approach, but together you improve your odds greatly.

Application Based Scanners (Plugins):

Scan your local environment.

In addition to scanning your website, you should start scanning your local environment.

Create a Backup.

You hopefully have a backup of your website, but if you don’t, this will be a good time to create one. Backups are a critical piece of your continuation of operations, and should be something you actively plan for moving forward. You should also ask your host what their policy is as it pertains to backups. If you do have a backup, you should be able to perform a restore and skill right into the forensics work.

Side note: It’s important you keep regular backups of your database and files. If this ever happens again.


Once you are clean, you should update your WordPress installation to the latest software. Older versions are more prone to hacks than newer versions.

Change the passwords again!

Remember, you need to change the passwords for your site after making sure your site is clean. So if you only changed them when you discovered the hack, change them again now. Again remembering to use Complex, Long and Unique passwords.

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