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How to create Page Template?

A page template gives you the ability to deviate from your site’s existing structure in addition to adding new features

Creating a Page Template

Creating a page template is extremely easy. Create any new file in your theme.If you are modifying a third-party theme you really should be using a child theme.Page template files may reside in a sub-directory

Making Useful Page Templates

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Custom contact page with Google Maps and a contact form
  • A page listing the newest post from each category
  • An archive page listing five new posts and category posts from your top three categories
  • A sitemap page listing all your content (posts and pages)
  • A page listing your recently uploaded images
  • A post list ordered by comment counts
  • A post list showing posts ordered by the last update time
  • A list of authors and their top three posts
  • A custom designed page for your portfolio

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